Modernization Projects

Measure E funds were used to plan for the modernization of older schools and provide much-needed improvements to schools throughout the District. Much of the bond money was used to modernize every school over 10 years old, including renovation of restrooms for improved access, replacement of leaking roofs, playground safety improvements, repair and replacement of portable buildings, interior and exterior classroom painting, updating fire and security alarms, and improving energy efficiency and technology.

The goal was deliver consistency of facilities and technologies from school to school, regardless of its age or location.

Visalia Unified School District

Measure E puts VUSD at the front of the line

In addition to funding modernization and new construction for Visalia’s students, Measure E also made possible the design work necessary for future improvements.

With the design work done, VUSD is able to “get in line” for future state funding. E-funded projects in design are:

  • Modernization at Crowley, Goshen, Ivanhoe, Washington and Mineral King elementary schools
  • Redwood High School science lab
  • Redwood High School gym improvements
  • Redwood High School quad improvements.

  • Measure E continues to make an impact for our youth!